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Your Style Story

“The Woman Who is Chic is Always a Little Different.”

That's you! You love distinctive jewelry, nothing “me too” about you. You definitely love exploring different ways of styling your jewelry and are over-the-moon about accessorizing with striking pieces. You are strong and confident in life and your jewelry reflects your strength. Over the years, you have carefully honed your personal style, always striving to make a statement while leaving a fabulous positive impression. You, my girl, have a unique style story and you are wise enough to know that jewelry talks! 

With Gratitude

Thanks for your support over the years -- I am, and will be, forever grateful. I love every part of what I do; and I know that I couldn't do it without you. I hope you carry my love and energy with you when you wear one of my pieces. Whenever you think you are "hearing voices" just know it is me quietly thanking you! 

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