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Quartz Crystal Hand 07-21-21

Crystal Quartz 

Stimulates positive thoughts & feelings.

Aids in your concentration & improves memory.

Increases awareness & clarity in thinking.

Teaches the wearer to live, laugh & love.

Provides enhanced energy, perseverance & patience. 

 There are times when I want to wrap my arms around a giant crystal quartz geode, breathe deeply, taking in all the good energy and just stay there. As lovely as that would be, it's not so practical, I'm afraid. If you identify with this, don't despair.

An easy solution is to let natural crystal quartz wrap its magical energy around you all day, every day. Bracelets, necklaces and earrings. Because the magic and the power of crystal quartz is positive and strong, you'll see it used in about 90% of all my designs; and, yes, I do wear it every day. 

So you see, my overriding purpose in creating unique jewelry is to not only share the beauty of crystal quartz; but also to share the power and energy of many other equally beautiful crystals that you'll want to add to your collection.

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